Powerbond or SLP underdrive pulley removal

My new cam came in and everything was going fine until I got to the Powerbond under drive pulley. The stock LS1 balancer can be removed with a 3 jaw puller because it has some tabs on the insides of the spokes to hook to. On all these small aftermarket under drive pulleys you can’t do that. On the Powerbond or SLP balancers there are three holes tapped on the inside and you have to use a bolt type puller. the inside of the balancer is tapped 5/16-18. I used 3″ long bolts, 3.25″ probably would have been better. Buy high grade bolts for this! I had to make second trip after exploding a cheap one. It is still pretty tough to remove, you can see the cheater I used goes outside of the top of the image. The inside foot of the puller had a pretty small diameter, so I used a big socket to make sure I had a good amount of surface area on the crank.

Powerbond or SLP 25% under drive pulley removal LS1

under drive pulley removal

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