TechAFX blackwrap fuel line

Going back to a little simpler fuel setup meant I needed to build all new fuel lines. My old fuel setup was all Teflon hoses. With the near zero fuel permeation it really is the best choice for fuel hose. This time I went with TechAFX BlackWrap hose. This hose is a carbon lined conductive-core Teflon hose wrapped in stainless braid and then dipped in nylon. It gives the hose a smooth finish which allowed me to wrap it in heat reflective tape.

TechAFX BlackWrap installed. Covered in DEI gold foil heat tape.
This is it installed. It is wrapped in gold foil heat reflective tape by DEI.

TechAFX assembly
Assembly is pretty straight forward. This picture was after it was cut to length, cleaned out, with the collar slipped on and the wrap cut back. The assembly of these fittings is identical to all the other Teflon hose I have assembled, other than the cutting of the wrap. I cut it back about 7/16 of an inch.

TechAFX assembly with olive pushed in
This is with the “olive” pushed in, before setting the Teflon into it with a drift. The vice in the picture is not being used for assembly, it just made it easy to take these photos!

TechAFX BlackWrap getting set with a drift
Here is the drift inserted into the end. I tapped it lightly with a hammer to set the Teflon into the “olive”.

TechAFX hose assembly
Then just slip the fitting end in, push the collar up and tighten them together. Pretty simple.

This hose really does look good with the black nylon coating on it. It also helps make it less abrasive on anything it comes in contact with. This is a very nice product.

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